Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to NoDu

     Welcome to NoDu. NoDu = No(rth)Du(rham), North Carolina. It’s nice here. It’s definitely not California, but we still have mild winters, with the occasional “cold winter” with a bit of snow. Typically, we’re a moderate climate with all four seasons. We’re in Zone 7 for gardening. My husband and I moved to the Northern part of Durham in June 2009. Durham has become increasingly well-known nationally for it’s fabulous offerings. This blog is a public diary of our life, as seen from our perspective living in NoDu.  Though Durham is an inspired city, my reach will oft extend beyond NoDu into Durham proper, Raleigh, and the Triangle and general region. 
So, welcome, Gentle Reader. I hope you enjoy our slice of American pie. We are a couple in our late 20s. We both have real jobs: Fred is an engineer and I, Elizabeth, am a school administrator. We have two kittens: Milosh and Mila, and a turtle: Yertle. We also have 15 chickens: 14 hens and a rooster named George. We live on just over a half an acre in a modest home with a covered front porch with rockers and a swing. We aim to live simply, serve God, and be our best selves.
     I have blogged before about gardening and food on other sites. I’ve tried to consolidate my favorite recipes and stories here, but this blog is a new frontier. I hope to welcome you to my world and share with you vignettes from our life. Please feel free to look around and relax. It’s nice out here in the country.

Joy to your World,