Sunday, May 12, 2013

What’s growin’ on?

Now that we’re into May, there’s a lot going on in the garden. Fred worked hard this spring installing some brick edging along the garden to create a physical border with the lawn, and it looks great. In mid-April, we bought a new small tiller & truckload of compost/topsoil mix for the garden and turned it in.
For vegetables this year, we’ve planted a couple tomatoes, a few cucumbers and squash plants along with some green beans. To keep the deer away from the green beans, Fred built the a-frame cover pictured below. Everything is growing slowly so far with the cold weather we’ve had to date. Both the plants and myself are much looking forward to the warmer weather for some real growth spurts!
may garden
The flowers we planted in the past couple years are truly welcoming us into Spring this year, too. While a welcome sight, they do present a logistical problem with the garden layout. Currently, flower bulbs are interspersed throughout the garden – which makes it difficult to till up the entire area. Instead, we’re able to only till certain areas. Conveniently, many of the flowers have done so well and have naturalized to the extent that this fall will be the time to divide them, which will provide an opportunity to move them to a more fitting location.
may flowers