Monday, April 9, 2012

Coucou, Printemps!

Why, hello Spring! You almost caught us unaware. But we’ve been window-watching all this time, and have noticed our beautiful change of season!


I know it’s been quiet here on the blog, but the homestead here in NoDu has been bustling. We’re busy this Spring! Each weekend has a different project occupying us - us the human folk, at least. The kittens have been spending all their time this Spring laying on the couch peering out from the windows! Such sweet friends they are. Milosh always welcomes me home before re-claiming his spot right in the front window.

milosh pic

We’ve added two new planting areas: the side yard “orchard,” and a new flower garden in the back yard for cutting. In the orchard area, I’ve added blueberry bushes and there’s the fig tree. I hope to plant a pomegranate tree today that I bought at the market yesterday.

orchard 4 12

In the existing bed that lines the sidewalk & driveway, there’s a mélange of Spring vegetables: micro-greens, lettuces, beets, chard. Though, I think I accidentally weeded all the chard, believing the chard shoots to be oak tree shoots. I’ve promised my husband myself that I will not be buying any vegetable plants as last year the deer ate everything. I’m convinced they had our yard marked as an all-you-can-eat hotspot. We’d find tomatoes with one huge bite taken out of them a few yards from the once-laden plants. With that in mind, I subscribed to The Produce Box, a local CSA which delivers boxes of local farm fresh produce to your door weekly. We should be receiving our first delivery this week!

I’ve also expanded the herb garden area directly in front of the front door. It’s so nice to just slip right out the door to grab some fresh herbs just off from the front porch.


Regarding the back yard, in the wet days of early Spring, I had thought a tulip bed would be just the thing. Perhaps inspired by our trip to Holland, I thought they would do nicely in a segment of our backyard. So without giving it much thought, my dear husband went to work tilling it one weekend. In his zeal, he broke the tiller in two as the area was quite rooted. We spent the better part of the afternoon using the hatchet and the axe to chop out the roots. So far I have some tulips, a couple “Scotch Brooms,” a knockout rose, and a ton of miscellaneous flower seeds I had lying around. We’ll see what comes up! Pictures to come soon.

Joy to your World,


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  1. What a cornacopia of activity! Very impressive!
    Tres Bien!