Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wine Authorities

2501 University Drive, #6A, in the same shopping center as LoYo, Durham, NC


Last night was Date Night. Fred and I went down to the Duke Forest corner of Durham by US 15/501 and had a surprising outing to Wine Authorities. While there, we also picked up a batard from Guglhupf that they were selling at the wine store. Additionally, they also had Escazu chocolates, Meat from Farmhand foods, and various other meat, dairy and gourmet food products from regional farms & producers. I was very impressed by the “small market” they had set up near the cashier.

Most people in Durham have heard of Wine Authorities. It was our first venture into the store together, and we were pleasantly surprised to find everything to help craft a romantic or gourmet experience. Also of note, is if you elect to enroll in their customer database, it will track your wine purchases for you, so you’ll never have to wonder what that great vintage was a week after the recycling’s gone out!

Joy to your World,


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